2021 / 26 min / Cantonese & English / Documentary
Chronicling the legacy and final closure of a Chinese-style sausage factory through the lens of one of its workers


Director - Kimberly Ho 何文蔚
Producers - Thea Loo and Kimberly Ho
Executive Producers - Richard K. Wong, Grace Wong, Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Featuring - Chung Ho 何章, Rod Fong 方宗漢

Director of Photography - Christian Yves Jones
Camera Assistant - Jeremiah Reyes
Sound Recordist - Chia Chan 詹佳樺 

Editor - Natalie Murao
Assistant Editor - Gloria Wong 黃崇恩
Sound Mixer - Sharon Tseng 曾雪瀾 

Colourist - Jeremiah Reyes
Music Supervisor - Veron Xio

Translator and Transcriber - Chestina Wong 黃顏幗麗

Special Thanks - Ping Ng 吴萍, Kiukiu Wong  黄桥娇, Queenie Xu 徐燕, Alicia Kam 甘梨, Betty Zhu   朱玉, Tina Cao 曹慕蘭, Jenny Liang 梁貞貞, Elain Shen 沈玉玲, Jennifer Feng 馮金蓮, Kenny Ho 何文冠, Kesler Ho 何文杰, Feng Lan Zhang 張鳳蘭, Lilian Ho 何麗, Chung Ho 何章, Dani Ngo, Regina Leung, Susan Hanson, Rod Fong 方宗漢, Chelsea Birks, The Cinematheque, Neptune Seafood Palace Restaurant, Tony Sun 孫韶賢


  • Vancouver Asian Film Festival
    →  Recipient of Audience Choice Best Short Film Award


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